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The camera is a powerful tool, and when in the hands of a skilled photographer it can be used to capture some truly stunning images. Corey O'Kelley is one such photographer. Based in Alpharetta, GA, he has been shooting portraits of men, women and families. He also is skilled in lifestyle, product, and landscape photography. Corey has been behind the lens for several years and became interested in photography as a byproduct of writing and playing in music. Growing up, he loved creating with both his hands and technology - Everything from carpentry to music.  This new hobby soon developed into a passion, and Corey started shooting freelance assignments while working his full time job.
Corey's work has a relaxed and natural feel to it, which is a result of his approach to photography. He prefers not to use too much direction or pose his subjects, instead allowing them to be themselves and capture the moment as it happens. This results in genuine and candid shots that are full of life.

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