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Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Welcome to the LENS blog. The scope of this blog is to discuss my photography journey, what is currently inspiring me as a creative, help create a sense of community amongst readers, and hopefully provide some educational content as well as gain some knowledge for myself.

What's new for 2022?

2022, as we say at the beginning of every year, is going to be a great year. Despite all of the madness taking place due to Covid, I have been fortunate enough to continue landing consistent gigs and stay busy both with photography and my day job.

For me, 2022 is going to begin with the launch of this website! My girlfriend is a social media manager and has been pushing me for a while to make a website. Unfortunately our new year started off with both of us being sick - but hey, what better time to build a website?

I viewed this as an opportunity to update my ongoing journey as a photographer, showcase my work on a platform other than Instagram, and allow select images to be available for print.

What's Next?

Paris! I will be traveling to France at the end of January/beginning of February. I am ecstatic at the opportunity to go to a place so rich in culture and littered with architecture and landmarks .

2022 Goals

  1. Capture Parisian lifestyle and architecture

  2. Continue searching for captivating landscapes in north Georgia.

  3. Dedicate time & energy towards a collaborative effort (more details to come)

  4. Grow my online presence immensely

  5. Shoot more frequently for personal pleasure

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